What is Super Backlit 190grs

Super Backlit is specially produced for high quality light boxes. It can be printed with Dye Sublimation, direct to fabric or by transfer. Super Backlit is a very tightly woven fabric that does not have pinholes and therefore is PE coating free. The absence of PE coating makes it possible to fold this fabric for shipping. Super Backlit has a very wide color gamut and extremely high light output, and on top of this has great elasticity. 


  • Material 100% polyester
  • B1 fire retardant
  • Width 320 cm / 10.5 feet
  • Roll length 100 meter / 109 yards
  • Weight 190 g/m2
  • Transmission 42%
  • Shrinkage Length less than 2%
  • Shrinkage Width less than 3%
  • Packaging each roll in a PE bag and cardboard core