28 May 2022

Product of the Year 2022

At PromZ.Live22 the inspiration event for Sales & Marketing we did show how easy it is to assemble the Mobile Light Boxes, also simple to change the banners and last but not least, they all...

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La Nouvelle Classe C.

It takes only a banner change and the Mercedes-Benz campaign “La Nouvelle Classe C” is ready!So, it looks like the Mobile Light Boxes make the new Elegant and Luxurious C-Class even more appealing.

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27 May 2022

Mobile Light Box at Shoe Show EU

Mobile Light Box at Bucharest Sign Show advertising shoes, a real stand stopper and you only need 5 minutes to set up this 100 x 200 cm light boxHow can you pass this without seeing...

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26 May 2022

World #1 Surf Trainer

WHY SmoothStar? Founded in 2004, SmoothStar is the number one surf trainer of choice for hundreds of thousands of surfers and surf coaches worldwide. Developed by experienced surfers, we are dedicated to the development and...

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19 May 2022

Mobile Light Boxes And E-Cars EU

“Ready for Electric Love?” This is the question that Volkswagen asks us…..SEAT tells us “Plug in, Charge and Drive Emission Free.”“Get electrified and experience the fascination of our Plug-in hybride up close” according to AUDI...

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20 March 2022

Spring, Time to Grow !!!

Matrix Frame USA was present at StorePoint Fashion last week. Matrix Frame EU will present Mobile Light Box at the Sign&Print Expo on 22, 23 and 24 March, in Gorinchem and 25 March at PromZ,...

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24 February 2022

This is for You, World

The “This is for You, World” campaign, is introducing the new Mercedes-Benz EQSSitting at the top of the Mercedes-Benz EQ range, the new EQS is the first all-electric luxury saloon offering, from the premium German...

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8 November 2021

Flight Simulators Re-Invented

The Avion Full Flight Simulator is designed, developed and built in The Netherlands. Avion is a Dutch company with European partners. Just like the nature of our country, we are independent and innovative, this is...

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7 June 2021

Belgium Luxury Sleeping EU

Revor Bedding in Kuurne, Belgium, produces quality mattresses, developed and recommended by doctors and back specialists.Finding the right bed or the right mattress for you is complicated and a question of personal preferences. Which mattress...

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