Everything related to our beautiful banners.

Your artwork is valuable to us, and we take every step to keep a safe and seamless print workflow. To eliminate the inconvenience of sending recurring artwork. We generally try to store all artwork for up to 12 months.

To ensure the quality of your banners, we recommend folding loosely and facing inward. Ideally packed back in the same bag that they were delivered in. If possible do not stack folder banners on top of each other, this will help precent creases or ink transfers.

We always advise working in a clean environment, though understand that things happen. In the case that the banners become stained or dirty they can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius without additives. 

However, this will solve the fire retardant B1 coating and affect the banner's elasticity/colors lightly. 

Always handle fabric in a clean area with clean hands or gloves.

Insert the silicone edge into the frame groove, starting from the four corners. Then pull the banner’s edge and insert the remaining sides. Gradually insert the silicon edging into the grooves all the way around the frame. Ensure that the banner is properly aligned and centered within the frame. 

Adjust the tension by gently pulling on the banner and repositioning the silicone edging if needed.